2023: Esan Central, West, Igueben Constituency: Why Alex Adoghe Has Edge Over Others

Chief Alex Adoghe

The political space has since been agog with political activity, even before the official release of elections timetable by INEC. While there are new entrance for the various elective positions, many of those presently occupying legislative positions at the National Assembly have also decided on their own to re-contest in the 2023 general elections for the same positions, even without taking the electorate into consideration who gives mandate in all elections.

But, because of the heated argument the issue of Third Tenure has generated in Edo Central, the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the area led by the State Deputy Vice Chairman, Bishop Anthony Okosun recently in their own wisdom to avoid crisis in the party released a press statement to warn the PDP delegates, especially the party executives to stop parading themselves with those seeking for third tenure, also taken into congnisance that such people were serving their second term in office.

As a lay man in the party you may not know the gravity of such statement, except you are politically wise.

To this end, one of the leading aspirants for the position of the House of Representatives for Esan Central, Esan West and Igueben Constituency at the National Assembly, Barr. Alex Adoghe is at advantage as an astutute and erudite lawyer. He is coming with commitment and zeal to give his constituents a desirable and productive representation that will serve the test of time in this contest. The business of a lawyer is to make laws and that is where he stands out among others. He has the capacity to represent his people because he knows their pains, needs and aspirations, especially at the grassroots.

Barr. Adoghe as an enterpreneur and a lawyer will maximized this opportunity to perfect his legislative business for the betterment of his constituency and the nation in general if given the chance to serve at the National Assembly.

He is always passionate about whatever he wants to do. He believed so much in the Esan cause. Because of this commitment he was elected as President of Esan People’s Congress which gave him an apple of opportunity to serve his people.

A man who has been in PDP since 1999 till date, mobilizing and assisting the party in several capacities to win previous elections should be appreciated and be supported by all party leaders to realise his ambition to serve and work for his people at the National Assembly.

Also, from records in the political history of Edo Central, Igueben Local Government is the only local government that has not produced any member of the National Assembly. As a people who believe so much in coexistence, it is good we allow equity, justice and fairness to prevail and consider them for this rare opportunity that has come to also serve the people of their constituency.

Therefore, Barr. Adoghe is a known name that has distinguished himself in the political arena both nationally and at the grassroots, as he has never failed to make his contributions to the party at his own will or whenever he is called upon to do so.

The time has come to reward this man of hope for his competence, contributions, dedication and loyalty to the party and the leaders.


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