AMAZING FACT: Find out those Behind Corona Virus and the Reasons Why…

One of the many objectives of the Illuminati and those that are behind the coronavirus and the emergence of a New World Order is to get President Donald Trump voted out of power in this year’s presidential election.

They seek to do this by sparking off a massive recession and crashing the American and world economy.

They also want as many people in America to die from coronavirus as possible and then blame it all on Trump.

Despite all their efforts I’ve got news for them: they will fail miserably and Trump will be back in power after the 2020 election. God has said it, He has ordained it and so it shall be.

To Trump I say the following: the Word of the Lord says “surely they shall gather but it shall not be of me: whomsoever gathers against thee shall be scattered for thy sake”.

The Lord raised, prepared, empowered and anointed you for leadership. You are the modern-day biblical Cyrus of Isaiah 45. You came to save your nation and people from the agents of satan and to rebuild the walls of the Church.

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You cannot be removed, displaced or replaced and you cannot be disgraced out of office because the Lord is with you.

You will win a second term, you will win it BIG and you will finish the good work that you have started. Thus sayest the Ancient of Days and the Lord of Hosts.



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