Celebrating His Opulence Distinguished Senator Philip Tanimu Aduda MFR

Distinguished Senator Philip Tanimu Aduda MFR

We at Dynasty Reporters remember you today like we’ve always done and we wish you nothing but the very best as you add one.
After seven solid years of knowing you and still counting, I can authoritatively affirm that you are really a storehouse of knowledge.

We count it a great privilege, honour and experience knowing you.

You’re difficult and hard to decode yet your power and influence cannot be denied. You leave no one neutral at all, you provoke a reaction of love, honor and prosperity.
You carry so much grace, peace, favour and honor.

You are an Enigma to friends and foes, but those who love you know you are the biblical definition of GRACE. Today is your day. Happy birthday Distinguished Senator Philip Tanimu Aduda MFR

Again, your focus, direction, dedication, determination, and vision inspires Me to always give My best. I appreciate having someone wonderful like you, your life remains an inspiration!
I celebrate you My Distinguished Senator Philip Tanimu Aduda MFR.


Highpriest Demond Ogudu Msci, CPMGH

Founder/Executive Director

Deslyn Dynasty International

Publisher Dynasty Reporter


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