Christ Men Free

Happy is the man who has Jesus Christ in him.

Joyful is the man whom Christ has. For we are in him justified and he is in us Glorified!

This is a mystery that God should tabernacle with man? No! But God has come to tabernacle in man.

And that man died so that the life lived is not his any longer but the life of Christ. Dead men don’t strive.

They are sailed in the arms of the bearer in whom there is still life.

We are no longer, but are borne and were born by the Easter story.

The finished work of Christ.

Am so so so complete in Christ. Filled with his fullness .

Eternal life can’t strive with temporal life but it was swallowed.

Death is swallowed in victory. Earthy can’t enjoy heavenly unless across the cross.

In Christ we are so free! So free! We have the keys of the kingdom. #SO FREE

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Every Man Christ Man 👨


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