”Collegiate Of ThinkTank” As A Concept For Harvesting Our Retired, But Not Tired Brains In Ekiti, An Ocean of Endless Possibilities

What should form an integral part of the next Ekiti Progressive Government’s modus operandi was a question that arose during a recent breakfast meeting had by ekiti sons and daughters, as the issue of who best to emerge as our next governor came up.

The concept of having a standing ThinkTank Team comprising seasoned experts from all sphere of society hasn’t been tapped into for moving not just the socioeconomic life of our beloved state forward, but for the essence of achieving an accelerated development effort devoid of political colouration in our state.
Ordinarily, the scramble for life support amongst politicians would hinder endeavour such as this, but necessity, the mother of invention must prevail otherwise our future will remain bleak.

Just days back, Nigeria’s Armed Forces Chief of Defense Staff keyed into airing views of retired service men in mitigating insecurity incidences in the country,….
Well, the officer gentleman got this approach right to say the least.

The successes attributable to different Governments world over through maintaining ThinkTank Groups (not as an alternative or parallel government) but as a commonality feature has proven immeasurable. The Obama led Government was a champion of this concept. Numerous Work Groups across multifaceted sectors of the USA would interface routinely and formulate policy papers that often became a guide for the different arms of government, and the Private sector.

Come 2022 in Ekiti, there must be a total rethink and approach to governance, building on past different ideas, channelling the way forward for future generations as per the affairs of the state.

What Ekiti State needs the most at this crucial moment are set of drivers that are thinking out of the box, doing things differently for newer results.
With an unshaken zeal to land Ekiti safely at a destination filled with opportunities, financial capability, sufficiency in food production, industrial competence and most importantly, self reliance via human capital development and industrial stability.

If indeed Ekiti is clamouring for a new orientation, as displayed by the teeming display of talents from our youth,
Year 2022 must be one for repositioning and restructuring her affairs beyond the mundane political jejune of the past, ”Business as Usual”.


In the last gubernatorial election in Ekiti State, there was a thunderous ovation, respect, support, amazing surprise over the emergence of a first timer in Ekiti politics who displaced an unusual calmness and super humility to come 3rd position in the progressive fold, Engr. Kayode Ojo…..an unusual occurrence in Ekiti.

His basic upbringing, home training, love for humanity, exposure, sincerity, simplicity, past contributions and his personal belief in the greater Ekiti were said to have practically galvanized a followership never witnessed.

Engr. Kayode Olubunmi Ojo is one of the outstanding children of the erstwhile Eesaba of lkoro Ekiti, 2nd in command to Olukoro. The late baba who for almost 23 years, singlehandedly coord- inated lkoro Ekiti during the ill-fated Olukoro of lkoro crisis. The high Chief was a successful business magnate, colourful community leader, superb family man and one of the few outstanding statesmen of his generation. High Chief Joshua Akanbi Ojo ( a.k.a Ojo Ajolopo) was an equally highly blessed, multi talented community leader who was richly blessed with power of reorganization and skilled in human management. No wonder the high Chief during his lifetime was always referred to as Eesaba lkoro bi Oba ibi miran, going by his intelligence and power to resolve crisis.

Yes, that’s Kayode Ojo’s father. Going by the above, Kayode seems to have inherited a very sound and excellent traits of his late father over the years considering his remarkable maturity, management skills, achievements and indelible marks.

So far so good, the Engineer is one of the rarest men of vision, self driven and always driven himself harder than his contemporaries.

Propelled by his visions and astute in his purpose while equally very focused on his goals. No wonder for almost 26 years out of his few decades on earth surface, he has achieved an unquantifiable number of firsts national and internationally.

Kayode is one of those international leaders that are well respected for his inspirational and well equipped balances especially on his natural flair to innovate, empower, influence, turn around and ultimately change the world around him for better.

Kayode Ojo is in Ekiti. Ekiti state is in Kayode Ojo. He grew up to love Ekiti state. He sees Ekiti state from another perspective entirely…..far different from how others have seen the state. He is always desirous of those things he would do to uplift the state and lift the citizenry from the rot and gloom. He visits the state regularly to associate with all and sundry and always in tune with all developmental initiatives by contributing immensely towards making his state of birth greater.

He has participated actively in various Ekiti Day’s celebrations and activities around the 16 local government areas of the state, making cash and material donations.

As a financial expert, he believes in a totally financially independent Ekiti state while his human capital development plans for an egalitarian Ekiti state is superb.
Engr. Kayode Olubunmi Ojo is a great but noiseless philanthropist, fine family man, distinguished grassroot politician and a born leader.

Remi Ogundele, native of Iloro Ekiti is the
Publisher, Cityglitz magazine
Social commentator., Documentary expert.


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