Ekiti2022: ”The Jinx in Ekiti” Part 2…. JKF2 has done enough to succeed itself in terms of laying the foundation for a sustainable future APC Govt.- Hon Segun Erinle

In my concluding part of Part 1. I said that John Kayode Fayemi led APC Govt may break the Jinx which no Govt has done in Ekiti. I gave reasons to back up my arguments but in this concluding part l will talk of major challenges confronting the State.

Can the State sustain itself without FAAC allocation, Ekiti is a major Civil servants State without any major industries apart from Hotels and Petrol Stations. Over the years minimum wages have been increased but without any adjustments from FAAC allocation to cater for the increment thereby putting pressure on the ability of Govt to effect major demands of Civil Servants like Training and Promotions and do any major Capital projects. I must confess successive Govt in Ekiti will continue to face this major problem until there is an increment in FAAC allocation or lGR in the State.

Now back to party issues, the APC is lucky that internal problems concerns mainly Core party loyalist apart from some who are ready to eat with the Devil. The Core Party loyalist are not ready to abandon the interest of their party but only requires Patronage and Recognition. I continue to say in Ekiti political setting there is nothing like Tokan Tokan but current interest in political setting. The current trend about SWAGA is also about interest and Recognition.

I know a Caretaker Chairman in JKF1 that is Tokan Tokan 200% but today if asked to kill JKF he will not think twice, so that’s the essence of our Political setting, and mindset in Ekiti.
In essence all party members must work for Unity of purpose and understanding,. Leaders must understand that Leadership is not Permanent and any little vacuum will be taken over by the followers.

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People often talk of imposition of People to position, its good when one is favoured but bad when others are favoured. The Constitution of the Country only gives Political Party the power to nominate Candidates and nobody else hence they must field candidates who are Trustworthy, Honest and without any blemish to occupy positions. The manner by which aspirants spend money to win the souls of delegates is worrying and if not addressed will erode Party Discipline. Party members are no more keen about Party Progress but they only think of selfish and Personal interest.

I was a member of the defunct Unity Party of Nigeria, members contribute to party purse hence talk about Party Progress but a situation where members don’t contribute to party purse, it reduces the power of Control in the party as he who pays the piper dictates the tune. Am not in support of imposition of candidates but as things currently lie in the Political setting l think to maintain Party Discipline and Party Supremacy and to avoid a situation where money backs take control of the Party, l doubt if it can be washed away but it can be moderated.

The main oppositionists party in the State too is not better off, its on record that despite collecting bailout funds, Paris Club repayment, Civil servants are still being owed both Promotion and salaries but as stated in my Part 1 Governor Ayo Fayose mixes both Coercive and Deceit as a system of Govt hence Civil Servants worship him like God. Thank God the Accountant General of the State is a civil servant and knows how much comes into the State and how is being distributed.

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Many asked me if am Tokan Tokan, my response is l stay all my adult life in an advanced Country, John Kayode Fayemi is doing what he was elected to do hence he remains my man hence my support for the Govt is Tokan Tokan but the day he stops doing what he was elected to do, he is no more my fan.

My interest in Politics is to serve the people and Thank God l had the opportunity between 2011and 2014 before Fayose drove me and others out of the State, l thank God my people repaid me my forcing a second election in the Constituency in 2015 despite all the humiliation of Fayose. I may have lost the election but my records still remain a point of Reference in my Constituency.

I will conclude by saying that the John Kayode Fayemi led APC Govt has done enough to succeed itself in terms of laying the foundation for a sustainable future APC Govt.

The minor inter party strangles in Ekiti APC can be settled amicably by the Leaders which will guarantee a walk over over the opposition as l doubt if any genuine APC member wants to loose the 2022 election.


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