Insecurity In Nigeria And The State Of The Nation

Map of Nigeria And States

By Okosor Edwin

Benin City, Nigeria.

After a short vacation from constant contribution to the “State Of The Nation”on social Media Space, again,I have come to release some informations on matters of public urgent importance…

Country people,without mincing words,I make bold to say that Nigeria is in a state of precipice,and on the verge of collapse because of the seemingly deafness of the APC led federal government to matters that affect the security of the Nigerian peoples that they were elected to protect..

Moreso,Mr President by his numerous actions and or inactions has encouraged tribal considerations and religion royalty instead of the Creed of nationalism and patriotism.The foundation of the state of Nigeria was layed on UNITY amongst the component parts that made up NIGERIA..Yes,one may argue and chose to make reference to the books of scholars that right from the birth of Nigeria,various leaders from different ethnic groups pursued ethnic interests,but I oblige us to note that it was mild and to some point, one cannot support it with hypothetical analysis..

This was because the various ethnic leaders were far from being bigot.Though they pursued ethnic interest being that Nigeria was ruled by regional arrangements,they refrained from jeopardising National Cohesion and growth..Each region was competing with the other in terms of infrastructural development, developmental economy, and political evolvement ….The territorial integrity and security was a top notch agenda..

Permit me to aver here that there is a gradual and sustained change of attitude towards national cohersion.There is a total reversal on national bond of the various ethnic groups.It became more pronounced the moment one Mohammadu Buhari thrown his hat into the rig of presidential elections since 2003 when he challenged Olusegun Obasanjo in the presidential race..His campaign slogans and words were anthetical to National Unity, he gets joy and strength in dividing the nation along ethnic and religion lines…He was reputed to have warned the Muslims not to vote for non Muslim candidates….He is a champion and unrepentant promoter of North-South dichotomy against the known principle and letters of PATRIOTISM….What a taboo!

Little wonder therefore that during the build up to the 2015 presidential election when a gentle personality in the person of DR GOODLUCK EBELLE JONATHAN wanted to succeed himself as the incumbent president,the likes of Gen. Mohammadu Buhari who then was the flag bearer of the hurriedly merged parties that metamorphosed into APC(ALL PEOPLE’S CONGRESS)did not hide his brutal and villain nature when he roared that blood will flow if he was not declared the winner of the elections…On his own,the messager of God,EBELLE JONATHAN retorted by saying that his ambition does not worth the blood of any Nigerian…

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Since the result of that historical election was announced,and Buhari returned by the electoral officers as the winner,and Jonathan unexpectedly called to congratulate the declared winner even before the final result was collated,we have not known peace in this nation.Immediately after the inauguration,the new Sheriff in town,and the pharoah we did not know before started on the foot of nepotism,and religious bigotry..Ethnic chauvinism has been the order of the day…Credibility,Merit,and Competency were put on the back seat,hence the slow motion of our economic growth…This,to a very large extent resurrected ethnic loyalty and reawakened religious supremacists.

Without iota of doubt,I can boldly say,and I know you too can courageously submit that this has greatly contributed to the menace of Fulani herdsmen who seems to be getting tactic support from the seat of power.They have surrounded and occupied the entire forests of Nigeria as though they are living in conquered territories..More to this,the incursion and unchallenged invasion of foreign fulanis into the shore of Nigeria is more than meet the eyes.Do we need a prophet to educate us that this government is arguably pursuing a cynical agenda of Expansionist elements…

The activities of these herdsmen across the length and width of Nigeria is identical….It is the same story everwhere..They kidnap unprotected commuters on the high way,lead them into the hieght of the forests,crossing rivers,walking through streams,climbing mountains,and staggering through valleys,and turning same into captives for the purpose of paying ransoms…In all of these,responses from the government at the centre has always betrayed trust of Nigerians,thereby removing the fabrics of loyalty of the citizenry to the national government..This has encouraged regional security outfits….Amotekun is gaining ground in the WEST; Eastern Security Network is gaining momentum in the EAST..The South South is also not resting on her oars to secure her people…What manner of government is this!!!

I recall that Gen.Theophilus Danjuma,an inlaw of the Benin kindom raised an alarm two years ago about the cruel activities of the Fulani herdsmen and bandits in his native state of Nasarawa and other states,the APC spokesmen,minister of information,and media aids to PMB hurriedly occupied the social media space to do the bidding of their pay master to discredit Danjuma,calling him names,and casting aspersions on him alluding that he hated PMB for his stance against corruption…Common,hold on! Is PMB actually fighting corruption?I’m aware that during the build up to 2019 presidential election,a certain character received bullion van into his empire home..Who questioned him?Who interrogated him? Was he probed?Was he ever invited by security echelon?Where was Central Bank Of Nigeria?Was Lai Mohammed incommunicado then?What about Femi Adesina?Was he on vacation?.Oshiomole kept mute,and could not engage in unnecessary vituperation..Ohh,the drama involved his party man,nay the acclaimed National leader.

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Fellow Nigerians,lest we digress,let us hint on the experiences of Nigeria farmers and their families in the hands of these evil settlers who have ingloriously occupied everywhere with their herds.On daily bases,our fathers, brothers are hacked down on their farm land if they boldly ask the herders to control their cows matching and eating up their crops(means of livelihood)..The most pathetic situation is when our mothers,and wives are daily raped in the presence of their husbands and children by these pharoahs….Communities have been invaded and indigenes sacked with reckless abandom..Corpses litters some communities,and government response is a clear indication that there is a secret agenda yet to manifest…But must we fold our hands and watch our lands forcefully taken from us by settlers who are not ready to see any religion function order than Islam?.

Since the return of the military Gen, PMB,Nigeria has been variously described with unpalatable words and adjectives.To a large extent,our present leadership at the center is ruderless,visionless,clueless,and lack the knowledge to harness our resources to better the lots of Nigerians.One could safely say that Nigeria is a pariah nation…Ask yourself this:Don’t you think we are failed nation?…Why is PMB promoting nepotism,ethnic jingoism,religious fanatism,cultural supremacy,and tribal loyalty?..Nigeria is divided and the foundation is on the verge of collapse.

I urge our leaders,patriotic men and women,activists,and civil society leaders come to the rescue of the Nation.We cant pretend any more.

wrote from oto’r edo in the ancient city of igodomigodo.


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