Karagara Kidnapped: Bandits And Cleric, Gumi System Of Negotiation


Country people,I greet you all..

I want to bring to your notice,and at the same time expressily register it in your minds that it is obviously certain that we are living in uncertainties…The injustice be melted to the southern part of the Nation has gotten to the crescendo to the extent that the actions of the presidency any time the well organised jihadists who are hiding under the acronym of herders strike,our southern brothers and leaders serving under this unfortunate regime are always instructed to come to the defence of the criminal elements..Uncle Adesina has become a KG pupil in Aso Rock…Lai Mohammed has been recruited to rubbish any reactions of his southern brethren against the attacks perpetuated by the Fulani herdsmen.
I can authoritatively report that Rotimi Amaechi does not know his left from his right any longer….

Mr Vice President has been kept in administrative prison…Only God knows when he will be freed from the chains…..The man from Buodillion with a certain trademark cap is incapacitated because of his personal ambition..He has lost his voice of defence…”Tinubu,how market”…One certain Fashiola that was once the darling of Lagosians and nay Nigerians has suddenly turned dumb…One Chris Ngige from Anambra is battling to save his ambition,and hence,he can’t speak against the herders..Our Bendel brother,Great Ogboru is no where to be found…The Senate Deputy President who would have stood in the gap for us is seated comfortably in the coveted seat,preferring to stategise better for his political career,instead of rising up to use his position and office to cause a halt to the demonic activities of the killer Herdsmen…


Reporting about abduction, kidnapping,and raping by these illegitimate settlers and wanderers on daily basis does not in any iota of doubt elicit surprises any longer..It has become a daily routine.. Abnormality has taken a shape of a normalcy…..Seven (7) farmers were slaughtered like goats in their farms today at Ovia North East Local Government,Edo State…What a tragedy!!!The security outfits have become helpless….Order from above has tied their hands,and they can’t do otherwise….Nobody wants to lose job…. Hahahahaha..This is terrible.Chai

I can remember vividly that when I was a teenager,my maternal uncle of blessed memory who was a police officer,and who died in active service during a riot in Porthacourt in 1993,PRINCE ERNEST OKEKHIAN OGUAMENLU told me that in force,command is a law….Does it surprise you again the reason why almost the entire security architecture of this nation is under the command of Hausa-Fulani people?…Hahahahahaha,I can’t stop laughing…Where did we get it wrong?…..

Why are our southern leaders so unconcerned and unperturbed?..Does it mean that they are bereft of the knowledge of the menace and unwanton killings by PMB kinsmen?…Is it that they are protecting their jobs at the expense of the sacred lives of their kinsmen?

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This is the only nation where agitators are described and lebelled as terrorists,and the real terrorists are treated as angry sects,and hence provided with amnesty goodies.Every attempt made by the eastern part of the Nation to question the obvious injustice as represented by PMB and his regime is vehemently resisted by the government,and battalion of soldiers are dispatched to raid bullets on them….The same government provides soft landing for killers, bandits,and terrorists of Hausa-Fulani origin.We are seating on a gun powder ready to explode very soon.
How can they be giving money to kidnappers,abductors, bandits,killers,and expantionists instead of getting them arrested?
The picture attached herewith beneath tells alot of stories.

writing from oto’edo,the land of igodomigodo.


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