Men Who Labour


It’s quite hot these days at noon even in the coastal regions of the nation.

Men are daily saddled with the responsibility of provision,protection and posterity.

This consciousness can bring wearing pressure on any man if not properly guided and put in the right perspective.

Priority in life and living can help you a lot.

Before I start at labouring, do you know that as a man after God your next priority is family not your career ,pocket, nor ministry.

My target for life can ruin deep cordiality with your wife and children. You must strike the balance.

Jesus modeled this when he put family in the right perspective.

Your wife can’t be down and you look away with a thought, ‘she can handle herself’. If you could she wouldn’t marry you.

She is left with a question of why did I get married?

My father works, so also I work. I work while it is day. Day means when strength is still available and Grace is motivating. Jesus Christ said that. And the work is to do the will of the Father.

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What is this labour then. For us Jesus said our work is faith built from Grace storing zeal for accomplishments.

Three areas as men we labour and we fought against are LABOUR IN PRAYER, WORD AND LOVE.

Does that sound familiar?

You know how it seems like these above listed span smooth for the women but what we call labour or work is only a part of the duties of a male man not his primary purpose at all.

Grace came to stir a labour and a result that outshines the labour put in.

I laboured more than the others,yet not I but grace was at work!

Engage grace in your job today, in prayers, word study and meditation and also in your love walk.

Love labours are seen in and through men who know God .

The Father ~works~ loves hither to I ~work~ love.

Every Man Christ Man


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