No Sane Accomplished Citizen Sees His People Wallow In Abject Poverty And Remain Aloof

Sir Prince Lewis Osobase’s Attitude As Litmus Test

By: Okosor Edwin Azies

A certain man was on a journey from Jerusalem to Jericho, and behold he was robbed by thieves and was left wounded.A priest was passing by, likewise a levite, and both looked the other way and were indifference to his plight of urgent need for Medicare..

On the other hand, a certain man without religious title, but known as good Samaritan came through the same road, saw a wounded fellow in pains.As a man with human feelings, though without title, he immediately went into action by getting close to the casualty, cleaned him, and lifted him up and without much ado, took him to the hospital for an immediate examination,and Medicare.He gave cash as deposit and promised to pay another if the treatment was completed.In *Luke 10:27c* when responding to a question,Jesus admonished us to love our neighbour as ourselves.He wasn’t referring to a next door neighbour,but he referred to everyone that comes across our way as exemplified by the good Samaritan who helped to save the life of a dying armed robbery victim.

In the ensuing analysis,a question was thrown to Jesus Christ: Who then amongst the three, *Priest*,the *Levite*,and the Good Samaritan was a neighbour unto the victim of armed robbery attack?.Read Luke 10:36.Obviously in the next verse,Luke 10:37, Jesus Christ, answering the question,he retorted”He that shown mercy on the victim”..He then admonished that we do likewise.This expressly connotes that we should be engaged in doing good to all men at all times,irrespective of tribe,religion,ethnic background,size, colour,qualifications, and or political affiliations…

In the light of the above,and without any iota of doubt,I know I certain man that have preferred to be surreptitiously wiping tears away from the eyes of indigent citizens.He has committed and kept committing his private resources into making lives better for the downtrodden,less privileged,and those at the lowest ebb of the social strata.This certain man does not blow whistle of whatever he does for whoever,no matter the status.Unlike the Priest and the Levite that were used as analysis in the bible, this certain man living amongst us is the typical example of the biblical certain man later known as the good Samaritan..He has never allowed crying citizens go away from him empty handed..He proffers solutions to all problems brought before him,and leaves you better than he met you..He is a man of uncommon spirit,a man of unusual capacity…A man that finds joy in expending his fortunes in lifting people up from the verge of nonentity to the level of a fulfilled life…He has established flourishing career,and founded business interests across the length and breadth of Nigeria where formerly insignificant citizens are engaged not just as mere staff,but as partners in innovative ideals..This uncommon act of benevolence has turned many to bread winners in their various homes,nay communities..

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Down home,he has carried out a lot of empowerment unannounced and without publicity.What manner of man are thou?.I’m talking of no other person than a quintessential care giver,Sir Prince Lewis Osobase…In a recent interview he granted to members of the fourth estate of the realm (Journalists)in a summit in Lagos,he reiterated his desire to lay a better foundation for the people and residents of his Constituency via the institution of government to enable them navigate through seamless process of harnessing good standard of living..

In a telephone conversation this morning when he returned my missed calls where I had wanted to check on him,he said to me: EDWIN,I can’t be a fulfilled and accomplished man in an environment where people are living below living standard,where my people are suffering untold hardship,and dying of hunger and total lack of the basics of life..Of what benefit is that to me?.In his words:I feel sad every moment I think and remember people around me and within us who have no hope for tomorrow.Their means of livelihood is impaired by uncertainties of our economic woes.Im blessed by the grace of God, and I have been extending hands of fellowship to as many as I can,though without publicity..Ones wealth is not measured by the billions you have in bank volts, neither is it measured by numbers of assets, but it is measured by the number of people you are able to impact their lives positively.

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I believe strongly that my personal fortunes can’t do one third of the desires and aspirations of our people to attaining a living standard.This was my principal reason for throwing my hat into the murky waters of Nigeria Politics in search of a formidable platform to exhibit in fullness my trait of being an agent of change to shield my people away from the harsh weather of lack and want..I make haste to emphasise on my readiness to actualize my widespread accepted Vision, Mission,and Core Values especially the 7Rs..By the grace of God,as your representative in the Hallowed Green Chambers, I’m willing to listen to you and support my people through people oriented bills and numerous empowerment already captured in the popular 7Rs..I’m already doing my best in enhancing a conducive economic environment..I will continue to do my best in that regard, notwithstanding the prevailing circumstances.

The duly nominated candidate,House Of Representatives for Esan North East And Esan South East Federal Constituency, Sir Prince Lewis Osobase is indeed a good Samaritan..

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