Scientists Formally Reported The Discovery of ‘Another Earth’ (Video)

Proxima B also known as The New Earth

Another Earth was explored in the Proxima Centauri System which is considered as the second Earth with an identical appearance to ours, as per the experts throughout the globe.

Liquid water existing on this planet has made everyone shocked with the increasing opportunities for the existence of life on it.

Absence of the major element, the liquid state of water in other planets has made us curious about the existence of life on this planet, thus the next step of NASA will definitely be a trip to this exciting planet.

This planet which is known as Proxima B is 1.3 times bigger than our planet, Earth to be precise. And also it has more rocky surfaces than us with a temperature between -90 and 30 degrees Celsius.

The experts are in the belief the planet is to be in its infancy and therefore if life has not yet formed on it, we should be able to make colonies in it according to the demand of future generations.

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But the problem is, if we are to do so we have to travel anywhere around light years consisting of four digits from our present position since we are not capable enough to use technology to do so.

Experts are still trying hard to find out about Proxima B, known as the Second Earth to make a visit to it before we expire from the world.

Source of the information: News Intact.



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